Violent Night: The Movie (2012)

Violent Night: The Movie Trailer

Violent Night: The Movie

As the holidays approach, Wesley, Laura Beth and Joyce are three Los Angeles roommates just trying to survive the stresses of work, school and festive parties! When a co-worker decides to hide inside the trunk of Joyce's car on the night of the 'big party', things start to get very weird... dead weird... like, with dead people. It's a parade of weirdos with sharp objects. A chainsaw comes out, knives, a potato peeler, Ethernet cable - even human hands may be used as a weapon as these roommates try to survive this one last Violent Night.

Release: Apr 21, 2012

Duration: 1h 26m

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Actors: Joyce Yoo, Laura Beth Love, David A. Hoffman, David A. Hoffman, J. Wesley Bassard